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Katy Perry & John Mayer Break-up!

"Lose my number!"

Katy Perry and John Mayer broke up again!

The couple started their relationship back in August, but only lasted two weeks.

Weeks later they tried once again, obviosly it didn't last too long.

“John just can’t commit, and he kept luring Katy back with promises that he was going to change, but then he didn’t. Katy was pretty crazy about him, so she kept giving him another chance,” a source close to Katy reveals.

“John liked Katy, so he wanted to keep her in his life, but it just wasn’t up to Katy’s standards. She needs the guy to be on board 100 percent and she was sick of John disappearing for five days at a time, then booty calling her, then straightening up and treating her well, only to go back to his old behavior a few days later.”

Finally, she just was like "Lose my number!"


Katy Perry & John Mayer Break-up!

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